Sunday, March 15, 2015

What's our Purpose.....

What is our purpose in this life??? That's a dang good question..... But, I think we are asking the wrong question.... And maybe why we do not get the answer, or feel like we don't. Perhaps, the question should be, "what's Gods purpose for us?". Call me crazy, but I think that would get you more results and a much clearer answer. Now, don't get me wrong here... I am the queen of doing things MY way. I should have a T-shirt made that says, "my way or the highway" ... It's all jokes and laughs till you actually sit back and realize that, yeah, that's not actually a good thing. God has a divine purpose for our lives, he really does. But, if we are strutting around in this Metaphorical T-Shirt that screams out in a testimonial way, "I DONT NEED GODS PURPOSE OR GUIDENCE, I GOT THIS WHOLE LIFE THING ON MY OWN" ..... We aren't giving the best testimony to those around us, especially those who look up to us: our children, co-workers, employees and even other family members. We are, for the lack of a more elegant and tasteful phrase, crapping on Gods grace and gift of free will. Sure, he could MAKE us do what he has created us for, but then it wouldn't be free will. Would it? We would kick and scream like my adorable 22 month old monster. I, still, at 33 have no flipping clue what my purpose is??? To be a mother??? A wife?? A counselor?? A boss??? A circus clown??? I don't really know. What is do know is this: God should be driving the bus of your life, not you. Until you're ready to let go and let God, you don't have a snowballs chance in hell of having a happy and meaningful life. You just don't. I still kick and scream, when I do; I realize it now.... I stop and laugh... Have a little chat with God and explain why I am right and how he should just let me do it my way ... Oonnnnneeee more time.... and you know what??? He lets me!!! You know what else??? Sometimes it even works out! But, not the way GOD intended, which in the end would have and will always be the best way. Sometimes he doesn't allow things to work out, sometimes we become Property Mangers instead of Nurses.... Or Infertal instead of having 4 kids of our own like we had dreamed of since we were little girls.... God always turns these types of things, that in the moment seem unbearable and almost cruel, to divine peace. A woman may be Infertal because there is a baby out there who will have no mother, and GOD has chosen her to be it. I wanted so badly to be a nurse. A special lady to me was a nurse and she was all I had for a mom type... Few years dealing with hospice and nursing home, nope.... Not for me. Now, I am a property Manager and still get to help people... Turns out I'm really good at it too! I would have been a really crappy nurse. Haha, like the worst. Numbers, computer, finances... That's me. So, main point behind all that babble. Let go people! It's not your life anyway, it's his.... Don't take advantage of that amazing gift of free will.... This world is not how he intended it, I can guarantee that... But, maybe... Just maybe if we all come together and allow him to lead us, we would be more inclined to choose the God choices and not our fleshy ones.

Peace, love and Grace. 

Jesus is the reason for every season yall, not just Christmas.... Will you let him lead you? Will I?!?! Today, yes! Tomorrow, I HOPE SO!!! Next Thursday, no clue.... But, I will get on my knees and pray for him to convict me when needed, guide when I'm stubborn and love me when I am  broken. 

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